Eyes Of The Wind

Revolutionize this earth filled with beings into what they can become; greater than what they can see before them. If we can help each other by putting aside our ego and revolutionize this earth filled with beings into what they can become, greater than what they can see before them. If we can help each other by putting aside our ego and pride and be a companion for each other to learn and grow in sincerity then we have a possibility for a brighter future ahead of us.

About Us

     People call me the Black Widow, others  call me the Black Knight while those who know me call me The Punisher.  It doesn't matter who I am.  What is important is what is not being done.  Around the earth there are corrupted beings birthed out of corruption.  There is Murder, Rape, Starvation, Physical Abuse, Sex Trafficking and many more.  A few are taking action to combat these illnesses. But the ocean of pride is rising and egos are screaming out in defiance and striking harder than when they first learned how to walk through the piles of drugs and bullets.

   First be a student then be a teacher once a teacher you are still a student for you are becoming by learning new levels of the realms of life and death.  The world lacks love. For out of hatred where they consume to hate birth.  This earth requires a spiritual, emotional, physical, mental cleansing. There needs to be healing by helping others to become unravelled by the veils the patriarchy system has them devoured into.  You will be hated, condemned but do not fear others when you are standing inside of the fields of truth. 

    I am a Spiritual Student. I am a Spiritual Teacher. I am a Spiritual Healer. I am a Leader.  I am a warrior in battle  against illnesses by being the cure.  We together will strive for a greater deliverance from hard -core illusions and delusions.  We will grow as a rose with thorns through the concretes and burst out with flames smacking down who opposes the truth with common sense and critical thinking with our eternal existence of the open eyes that sees beyond the cosmetic show and  with a beating heart that cheers for those who has become awaken from the lies that they have been sucking on for way too long.  No more Hatred, No more Division. No more Anger  but more doing in our speech by taking action where we spread our seeds of truth and facts. Who are you?  What are you? Where are you? Have you forgotten your power? Why have you forsaken your soul? Why have you taken off your crown to please the pigs that have no mark in prosperity but only in drought?

Sex Trafficking 

Rescuing Men, Women and Children.

Over the years there have been horrific actions taken against the vulnerable.  There has been little to no justice as sex trafficking is rising higher through the climax, raping and selling humans as cattle's . Vengeance is an important necessity.  Justice must be cross red throughout the land-field.  Corruption must come to an end.  Wearing a uniform does not hide a criminal's landmines but exposes  his/her backyard of rotten corpses. The government, the politicians, the rich, the poor, the middle class and the no class are all guilty. 

Here we offer our service to help those in need of what  they need to be able regain strength and dignity within themselves. We go above and beyond any scene fully equipped to handle any weather; to rescue those in alarming situations  back down to gravity in safety and protection away from any more harm.  We do not allow sex traffickers to get away scotch free. If the predators are not taught a lesson they will continue to torture and inflect external and internal conflicts unto there prisoners. We enforce heavy discipline  on  the predators that situations like sex trafficking will slow down to a rapid rate until the world is clean up and these harmful circumstances will not project its force any longer.

Sex Trafficking does not discriminate against Gender, Race or Age. 

Rescuing people  from sex trafficking can be tricky yet deadly. In the end when someone is rescued its  celebrations of victory with the  feeling  and knowing that you have just changed someone's life for the better.

Making a positive change  is better than making no change at all.

Services Are Below



Per- person

20-25 =$25,000

26-36 =$ 30,000

37-100+  =$ 40,000



Per- person

20-25 =$25,000

26-36 =$ 30,000




Per- Person

0-6 = $ 16,000

7-12 =$ 18,000



Per- Person

13-16 = $ 14,000

17-19 = $ 13,000

Unlawfully Convicted

Fighting against injustice in the criminal code of conduct.

Innocent Behind Bars

Innocent people are held behind cages  for ransom while the violent doers are free to roam outside of the cages inflicting more harm  on civilians.  Justice costs a lot. Injustice is free.  It is important to do right instead of being tortured to wash your face off that has been filled with guilt.  Unfortunately when an innocent soul gets locked away they are treated as slaves to other prisoners and these innocent souls become changed into a different person after being heavily abused, mocked, ridiculed and used. The innocent ones who have been released have had no justice but continued suffering. Many end up on drugs, in prostitution and sadly some commit suicide. Innocent people have been used as scapegoats and now in this moment we must stand up and take action into our hands. We work night and day to release the innocent ones and to get justice on  those who are corrupt within the criminal justice system. Taking down police, detectives, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, juries etc.  Justice will prevail unto those who abuse other inmate's behind bars because they can by having power out of corruption that has been handed to them by higher up official's.  Justice will be served for the innocent and the wicked ones will suffer brutality that they will live in pain to regret it. 

Services are Below

Mafia Leaders - $1 million Per Leader

Followers - $800,000 Per Follower.

Cartel Leaders - $1million  Per Leader

Followers - $600,000  Per Follower.

Gang Leaders - $1million  Per Leader

Followers - $200,000  Per Follower.

High Alert - $80,000 Per Person

High Alerts are those who are at  high level risk. Dangerous, well feared, Respected yet Deadly- Supermax. Those who are innocent behind supermax have been a treat to many onlookers. They have been treated harshly with heavy brutality for things they did not do and many do not survive ending up dead while family members weep bitterly at the high level corruption of officials that lacked clarity and became greedy with lust and money as loose nails working for the wrongs while killing the right. Justice will be served and the wicked shall perish burning alive with regrets.

Med Alert - $60,000 Per Person

Mid Alert are for those behind bars that have gained some power of survival, sometimes feared and often ignored.  Loved and Hated. These are not the most risky or deadly but sometimes difficult but with professional skills justice can be served with well released. 

Low Alert - $30,000 Per Person

Low Alert are for those who are regular inmates, a threat to no one. Those who committed petty crimes and for those who are innocent and in trouble of becoming a tool to people above them. 

Physical Abuse

Abusing someone that has done no wrong is brutality. Discipline, justice and abuse are not the same. To those who loves to abuse will suffer what they take energy to give out. It is not wrong for one to defend themselves against abuse but those who feels the need to abuse someone that did not attack them is  cruel.  Inhumane has no boundaries as humans have no titles but their bodies that spread throughout wherever they turn.  

We help people who have been faced with physical abuse. To the victims and survivors we are here to help in rescuing and healing the wounds that bleed deep within and out of bounds.

Torture Room on Abusers

Who:  Place cigarette burns on victims.

Cost: $5,000

Right Leg

Total Cost: $8,000

Left Leg

Total Cost:$8,000

Right Arm

Total Cost: $10,000

Left Arm

Total Cost:$10,000


Justice for those who has been raped.  

Rapists live amongst us and some are often the ones you least expect when one looks inward at themselves in the mirror in disbelief.

Rape is when a person or a group of people take advantage of people without there consent.

Male Rapist to female.

Female Rapist to male.

What happens during surgery?

What happens during surgery varies depending on the procedure. You may choose facial surgery, top surgery, bottom surgery or a combination of these operations.

Facial surgery may change the:

If Male to Female (assigned male at birth or AMAB), other surgeries may include:

Partial penectomy or  total penectomy. Cost:$8,000

Orchiectomy $3,000

If Female to Male (assigned female at birth or AFAB), you may have surgeries that involve:

Abdominal hysterectomy: $4,063

Vaginal hysterectomy: $2,791

Laparoscopic hysterectomy: $3,818

FTM Metoidioplasty $20,000

FTM Phalloplasty $30,000

Scrotoplasty $6,000

Drug Trafficking

Rather than to continue to allow suffering of others it is important to learn, understand and heal those who are in pain and desire complete isolation from reality.  People need to understand this job needs to be done correctly for the lives of others so that people can have a better life but the aftermath is often sad by those who take the substance and kill themselves slowly. 

We are the cure.

The Cia is a criminal Organisation. It has murdered millions of people. It is the biggest drug cartel/mafia organisation. Now they will be stopped. If you speak out they will come after you, either kill you or sell you into sex trafficking. You must never trust the CIA nor the DEA. They will come after those who are the closest to you. They have tortured their prisoners, used electric shock and MK Ultra. Never become their puppet, become their owner and train these dogs the right and proper way. 

If you sold what the government smuggled into our nation, you went to prison. If you were bringing it in, the government gave you a pardon.  Still currently happening. 

The Cia also runs  money laundering. The Cia is everywhere they have their cockling hands in every street corner. They created the wars they invented brainwashed puppet's to fight each other to death until the CIA jerks off harder in applause and cheers. 

When you disappear or turn up dead most of the time they call it a suicide or runaway cold case but we the one that sees knows the wolfs smell and the shape of their  body where it turns and wanders off to. 

The CIA destroyed Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Vietnam, Split Korea and many more.

The CIA is incharge of the media- news, the government, politics, wars, entertainment industries and all others. 

If you are on the Fugitive list consider yourself a  saint.

The CIA  creates terrorists. 

Cia = C.I.A. Criminals In Action 

Fight for justice, anyone who has done harm towards you with drugs now is vengeance. DO NOT REMAIN SILENT!

Cost:$26,000 per person.


Electromagnetic radiation  used as a tool to control people and destroy themselves and the lives of many around them by being controlled by the puppet masters. Mind control needs to be stop. The victims and survivors have no strength to do what they want for they are hypnotised to being controlled to carry out tasks by the wicked. Those who implant these chips need to be brought to justice and condemned for their actions. 

Cost: $16,000 per person.

Human Tracfking

There's the good and the bad. Instead of trafficking people to endorse horrible acts we save people by rescuing them from dying situations. Free North Koreas and others in unsafe countries into the arms of safety and prosperity. 

Total: $16,000 per person.

High Level Corruption

Take down corrupt people in power.

Per Person.

Royal Official's: $10,000,000

Government Official's: $8,000,000

Rich Families: $800,000

Religious institutions:  $300,000

Higher Politicians:  $100,000

Armed forces: $90,000

Court  Official's ex: Lawyers, Judges, Juries: $70,000

Correctional officers, Mayors, Policies, Prison Wardens, Deputy Sheriffs, lieutenants, Guards, Detectives: $60,000

Business owners: $60,000

Entertainers: $50,000

School Official's: $40,000

Medical  Official's: $30,000

Others commoners who are involved in corruption: $ 20,000

Nothing Comes free. Everything  Comes With A  Cost! Even Freedom.

Important Information

Please provide hard core evidence of your situation. 

Hard Evidence: Video/s with time,  date, location. Telephone recordings with history of time, date, location.

Medium Evidence: Hospital Documents signed- proves the patient was Admitted in the hospital with time, date, location. Councillor notes signed with time, date, location. Pictures of Abuse taken with time, date and location.

Not enough Evidence: Text messages and Emails not signed or addressed by a professional.

It is our responsibility that we proceed with caution to ensure that the innocent do not get set up.

While we do consider text messages important it is not enough evidence to hold a person or a group of people accountable. A person or a group of people can set someone up by sending text messages back and forth to themselves with different numbers, names and locations. The same situation goes for emails that are not signed or sent  by professional's  from your workplace, clinic or  from the hospital.

We desire for safety first before taking action to ensure the safety of others.

All transactions must be completed through one of the followings:  E-Transfer, MoneyGram, PayPal, TransferWise, Azimo, WorldRemit, Remitly, Western Union, OFX, Wise, Revolut.

For further Inquiries please  attach  the coloured Tag/s  or type the colour/s of what topic  you are interested in discussing along with your message to this Email: therealeyesofthewind@gmail.com 



Serious Inquiries Only. 

If you have any questions, do not be afraid to reach out. We are here to help you.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Thank You!